Welcome to my little home online. Let me give you a tour. In the menu above you’ll find links to information about my writing and editing and other stuff I do. You can find out more about me (hint: click “About Me”), and you can contact me by clicking on a link up there, too. My favorite page is My Bookshelf–you’ll find a gallery of books I love with quick reviews.

kids singing copyThe main thing to know about me: I love words. I love to read words, I love to write words, I love to say words, and I love to sing words. I love words so much, I’ll sometimes read the back of shampoo bottles.

Writing individual words is easy, but writing words that make sense together and tell a story is hard. When I’m writing, I love the thrill of a blank page. I draft quickly, and when I go back to revise, I’ll often start with a new blank page and rewrite the story, pasting in sections that work as I go.

The longest thing I’ve ever written is my dissertation–a 276 page document about motherhood and queenship in Renaissance England. (I got to write about Queen Elizabeth I, a Shakespeare play, a female knight, some sword fights, a magic mirror, two sisters imprisoned in a castle, and what it was like to have a baby in England 450 years ago.)

Now I spend most of my writing time crafting picture books. Many of my stories involve water–swimming, surfing, oceans, lakes, toilets. Some are silly, and some are poetic. All of them involve characters making connections, however unlikely the pairing.

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